It’s all about absorbing energy.

You touch “something” and turn it

into a feeling. An emotion. An energy.

A tension in your body or in your head.

You radiate energy to your environment.

Affecting people, with every expression of emotion.

An accumulation of energy that transforms into a shout,

a tear, an outburst of anger, or an embrace full of passion.

Showing this power is transferring energy.

Love, anger, sadness, incomprehension.



They stick to me when I walk next to you. Like a magnet.

I absorb them as memories that are made during a long journey.

I take them from life, or a past life if you like.

They stick to my fingers like paint.

Some cannot be mixed, and repel each other.

An ebb and flow of sand and water,

constantly pulling and pushing.

Sometimes scouring to the point of bleeding.

Some, on the other hand, blend perfectly.

A mixture of different colours can make a totally new one.

I bring the energy together and watch

how it dances, how it crawls,

how it loves, fights,

how it is born and how it dies.

Emotions give my paint its structure.

And I give the structure to the canvas.



What does it do to you? Does it stick to you?

Does it push you away?

Or does it hug you and never let go?