Sander van Helvoort grew up in Schoorl,

a small village at the coast in the North of Holland (Netherlands).

Raised in a creative and musical family

and able to explore those worlds from an early age.

Inquisitive as he is, he took study with his mother and grandfather.

As a child he admired them for their extraordinary ability

to draw just about anything in mind.

This is how he was able to gain a good foundation

in terms of drawing and painting.

His father played the guitar and practiced almost every day.

And he also heard it got better every day.

He wanted to study music like his father and grandfather,

he “Needed” that too…

Eventually he got up on the stage with saxophone, bass guitar,

guitar, vocals and everything that gave him a challenge in expressing himself.

On a creative level, Sander started actively

by decorating the musical stage at a young age,

He decorated the school with murals, and of course provided

the school’s newspaper with his arts.

There is no book in his entire school period

left without a sketch.

When he got older, exhibitions and several projects

with fellow artists followed.

mostly in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Haarlem.

He left his parental home and went to work at a factory nearby.

From logistic coordinator in a warehouse in Broek Op Langedijk

to Health & Safety Officer in a large factory in Zaandam.

He went to live in Heerhugowaard and had two wonderful daughters .

It is very difficult to live an artist’s existence,

and full dedication is simply not (yet) possible.

But it remains an important part of his life.

He loves being on stage as a musician and he loves creating art.

“My art is mostly based on emotions, energy, magic, love and death.”

He is always trying to create a scene with a twist, things that aren’t what they seem

or just spin the emotional reaction.

Therefore there’s a story hidden in all of his work.

Sander uses very diverse styles

and is  currently exploring

the world of mixed media.

From gouache, ink, chalk, wax,

charcoal, oil, ecoline, water, rust,

fire, peace, blood, love, tears

and all other ingredients life brings us,

he builds a “feeling” or a story on “vindpap” tar containing paper,

paper, wood or canvas.

He likes to show and share his perspective of the world.

So be welcome at a performance,

an exhibition or on his social media.